Heart has its own Reason

When _ 2008
Where _ ITP,NYU, NY
Who _ Audience as participant
What _ Heart beating when you call someone who you love
How _ heart rate sensor, arduino, processing

When I saw the painting of Odilon Redon's [Heart has its own reason] , I was falling in love with it. My heart was beating with music. In my imagination, there was a bird in my heart flying and flapping. I expressed my heart by bird's flapping one by one. This part was a first step as an IMAGE; it is just for myself who was falling in love with someone.
Next part, is for my audiences. How I could give natural situation to my audience who also was falling in love with someone - for their interactive experience. Not ordering to do something, but making them participates in my works voluntarily. I came up with one situation - PHONE.
Love is accompanying yearning. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
When I miss someone, I call. Maybe so do you, I assume. Our heart rate become faster and faster even imaging them. So, there is a phone, which catches your heart rate by the conductive tape I attached on the grip and receiver. When the audience called someone, the conductive tape on the phone grasps their heart rate. That is connected to Heart Rate Sensor, and then it sends heart rate signal to Arduino, also Arduino sends its signal to Processing. Images on processing show a bird’s flapping; It shows what happens in your heart.
Love, what it is? I do not know, but the sure thing is that; Love is beautiful, wonderful, and at the same time, painful. Heart has its own reason.