12 , Strings


When. 2013.11
Where. Coex, Seoul, Korea
Who. performer, programmer. drawer - Jayoung chung
What. 12 Galaxy tab with sounds of 12 strings as 12 months
How. MAX|MSP|Jitter, Processing, Galaxy tab with " Android for Processing"

《Open Creativity, Open World》

The media performance piece 12 strings, is a combination of digital display and a musical performance on the Kayakum. The monitors installed to the left and right signify Yin and Yang, the core concept in The book of Change, while the 12 tablet PCs signify the 12 phases of the moon. These PCs also symbolize the 12 months that are echoed in the 12 strings of the Kayakum which express the recursive nature of time through music. The kayakum is played in front of the installation and the sound emitted from the instrument is then visualized on the monitors. THe viewers can pluck the installed equipment instead of the Kayakum strings and participate in the performance. The Artist utilizes contemporary media in order to combine the Korean spirituality with music.