Lives , Leaves

[2012 -3]

When. 2013.01
Where. I-Park, CT, NY
Who. performer, programmer. drawer - Jayoung chung
What. Drawing leaves as digital on analog
How. MAX|MSP|Jitter, Processing, Arduino, Charcoal

《12 Trees, 12 STrings, 12 months, 12 》

There are 12 trees, which symbolize 12months,12 o’clock, 12 zodiacs, 12 lives. I put 12 string sounds from Korean traditional instrument (which has 12 strings - kayakum) on the conductive painting drawings. Each sound is triggered when I draw braches on 12 trunks through technology. Then the sounds move digital images. The digitalized images are leaves. The color is changed on representation of their months. For example, it has white color when I touch the first tree as a symbol of January.