Drawing ,as composing and performance


When. 2010-12
Where. Governor Island, magazine palce NY, NY as swing space residency LMCC
Who. performer, programmer. drawer - Jayoung chung ( Max|Msp| Jitter and arduino Helper : Andrew sigler)
What. Drawing as composing and performance
How. MAX|MSP|Jitter with Conductive Thread as a strings and charcoal , kinetic camera, Processing, Arduino

It is a “Wall drawing instrument” with 12 strings on a paper. When I touch the strings (conductive thread or tape) with a charcoal (which is also charged electricity) , Sounds are generated, and the light in the moon turns on. Contact between a string and the charcoal means "switch on" -> it generates the sound (which I recorded from my instrument) via MAX|MSP|JITTER and Next, the sounds are processed through the microphone. The sound library in processing controls images I've already made. Then, images in processing are projected on the paper with live drawing.

1) Drawing: touching string with charcoal -> sounds ( MAX|MSP|JITTER)
2) The sound goes to the microphone to "PROCESSING"
3) The images, which are controlled by sounds, are projected on the paper and on me (the drawing and the draw-er)
There are 3 elements : 1)Me as a performer 2)Drawing 3)Sounds. They are connected by technology. ( Max, Arduino, Processing )