Performing with YOU

[ 45mins ]

When: April.4, 2014
Where: Watermill Center , Watermill, NY
What: Performing with YOU, you are the most important to me
How: Incorporating drawing, music, and technology into a performance.
Visual concept and audio visual programming by Jayoung Chung
Choreography Jayoung chung in collaboration with Nixon Beltran
Performance by Jayoung chung and Nixon Beltran,Tattoo by Nadia Art, NYC
Photo by Caterina Verde

Thank you , Robert Wilson


Performing with YOU

1 One becomes Two : In Search of the Bull
2 Meeting YOU : Discovery of the Footprints
3 My introducing : Perceiving the Bull
4 Communication : Catching the Bull
5 The Flow : Taming the Bull
6 Communication : Riding the Bull Home
7 Your introducing :The Bull Transcended
8 Drawing YOU : Both Bull and Self Transcended
9 Two becomes One :Reaching the Source

I am drawing you, with your 12 words, which represent YOU. - you gave me : within action moving there is not meaning but flow energy through breath.