Nature : Four Season

SPRING : Construction
SUMMER : Preservation
FALL : Destruction
WINTER : Silence

When _ 2010
Where _ ITP thesis, NYU
Who _ Performer and programmer and drawer_Jayoung Chung
What _drawing, somposing then processing
How _ ddrawing the graphic notation, composing the sounds of Kayaakum, Processing with microphone

I am taking three steps with Nature. : drawing, composing, processing.
1) Drawing 2) Composing 3) Processing

First, I am drawing. The drawing could be “Graphic notation,” While drawing, I could imagine the sound and motion from each music score ( graphic notation) Then, I compose the sound while looking at the drawing. At last, I am programming for combining "Drawing" and "Composing"

How do I express my Nature? Since my sound is wind, I consider the strength of wind. I remember one childhood memory: when I was young, I stretched my hand outside of the window and tried to feel the wind, and judging by the strength of the wind. I could say, “This is was summer, now it became fall!” I could distinguish the difference in season by the strength of wind on my hand.” So I make my nature by the strength of wind through four seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. . Each season entails creation, preservation, destruction, and silence, respectively – the cycle of everything. To visualize these, I draw from our experience of the horizon – “ sunrise, sunlight, sunset, moonrise, respectively.”