The poem of waves - Break the Silence

When: 2015
Where: Albee Foundation , Albee, NY
What: Drawing on the Wall with WAVES
How: Incorporating drawing, music, and technology into a performance.
Visual concept and audio visual programming by Jayoung Chung

The Lament of Waves

The performance was about breaking the silence. My drawing action triggers this veiled sorrow, creating sounds. This is accomplished by a new technology I developed, which merges image, sound, and action, and incorporates drawing, music, and technology into performance. I designed a computer program that allows the act of drawing to create sounds with MAX MSP Jitter. The curved drawings (conductive painting) generate sounds in real time. These also manipulate digital images projected on a wall behind me. There are thus three layers: I draw in an analog way, the drawing creates the sounds, and the sounds create moving images. This is how it works, but what it is about? Again, about hidden sorrow, like the remembrance of a missing person in a disaster. Performance as drawing action triggers hidden truth as a metaphor.