Die Halbe Nacht


MMCA , Seoul, Korea 
10min, Single channel video, Interactive installation
Exhibition Period December 17—December 24, 2016
Exhibition Venue MMCA Media Art Wall
Related Program Media Performance Wed. 8pm, December 21, 2016
Based on the poet “ Halbe Nacht” by Paul Celan
This Interactive Art installation is about “Silhouette and Reality.”

Tech info: A screen shows silhouette moving images. A proximity sensor detects audiences when they step into stairs before the screen, it turns on the light, then the light seems affect the screen to reveal the reality.
Chung includes Paul Celan’s poem in memory of Auschwitz titled “The Half Night (Die Halbe Nacht)” in her video work. The poem takes two shapes in this video as a silhouette of dark shadow and its brightened true self; yet the two are subjugated to each other. With light, the artist makes visible the unexpected enlightenment functioning as a field between art and life, between parts shed by the light and returning night, between ‘I’ suffering from poetic pain of imagination and visible sufferings of ‘ others’, and between inside and outside.