I am a multi- and interdisciplinary artist who combines traditional art with modern technology. I investigate the relationship between man and nature, finding within the natural world a means to tell all human stories. My work is based on the symbiosis of art and technology, using my awareness of the natural world as a gateway to explore East Asian philosophy. This combination of visual art, music, East Asian philosophy, and technology, has been influenced above all by the artist Nam June Paik.

The evolution of my work from the fixed realm of painting into a dynamic video art was inspired by Gukak, traditional Korean classical music. As a child, I learned to play Gayageum (Korean zither) and to perform Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion quartet) and traditional dance. The philosophy, sound, and movements embedded within Gukak took root in me, and continued to influence me even as I studied visual arts. Samulnori, especially, is a unique Korean art form in which dance is an integral part of the musician’s role. My work draws from this concept, with music, images and dance rearranged in nonlinear methods during video editing. Each element communicates with the others. The technology I employ means that by playing the Gayageum, I not only create sound, but modify computer-generated images. Dance also affects these images, and triggers sounds recorded from nature. These technological interactions are only an outward manifestation, however, of something more essential and important, and serve as a means for me to express my philosophy of life.  

In other words, I want my life to be revealed in my art. What is in my life as an artist?

First comes nature. The beauty of each moment, from sunrise till sunset, and moonrise with its reflection of light, is one that I cannot resist expressing. Nature is the wellspring that never dries, the foundation of all my art. I interpret nature through site-specific media installations, through filmed human figures as representations of nature in time, through the music of the Gayageum which can act as a metaphor for a star that wanders among the trees like the wind. I wonder if there is anything as grand and magnificent as nature to draw speechless sympathy from us. Even if I were to devote my entire life, I will not be able to express all its facets.

Second are people. As an artist of emotion, I resonate with others’ stories. I want to ease sadness and multiply happiness. This is reflected in my work: stories of sadness appear in my video, animation, or interactive media installations as images of people, contextual conversations, and body language. Their lives are narrated through the metaphor of nature.

To combine man, nature and storytelling in my art, I turn to technology, but it is the narrative, rather than the technology itself, that is the essence of my work. A computer program that can measure sounds digitally to control images allows me through the Gayageum to tell a story in which sounds metamorphose into a wind that wanders through the trees to shake the leaves and symbolize a woman who longs for her lover. Seeing sounds, composing pictures, and painting dances – I weave the contents in sympathetic ways, creating a new genre.

Above all, I want my art to be yours. I want it to be a sweet whisper, a consolation, and happiness for you. I want your story to be revealed beautifully through my sensitivities, and approach you as nature’s wonder. For you.