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  • Jayoung Chung is a multi-media artist: primarily a visual artist, but also a musician, animator, filmmaker and storyteller. She has had numerous exhibits and installations utilizing nearly every form of media, including performance, film, computer graphics, sound and movement. Her work has been exhibited worldwide in both solo and group shows. Her work is based on the symbiosis of art and technology, using her awareness of the natural world as a gateway to explore “Empathy.” Ocean waves and symbols of passing seasons have emerged as one of her central artistic themes, a metaphor for the circularity of time. In 2013, she was the Moving Image Director at the Special Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremony.

    Although Jayoung majored in visual arts, she learned to play three Korean traditional instruments in her childhood, so her body has remembered those unique sounds as well as the physical motions involved in creating them. She incorporates the music she composes and performs with sounds of nature to create her visuals via the technology of sound processing programs she has personally developed. Throughout her work, there is harmony between traditional arts and contemporary technology.

    She has been awarded residencies at Eyebeam, Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts, ZK/U in Berlin, Watermill Center which is run by Robert wilson, Yaddo fellowship, Edrawd Albee, Swing Space at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) in 2012, Culturehub in 2011, an organization that values cross-cultural artistic collaboration, I-Park Foundation and an AHL residency in 2011.

    She received an MPS from ITP at the Tisch School of Arts in New York University in 2010, as well as BFAs from Seoul National University in 2005 and Ewha Woman's University in 2003 in South Korea.

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  • +1-402-541-3601

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  • 04.-05 2018 Creator Lab GwangJu, Korea
    02.-03 2018 Watermill Residency , Watermill, USA
    01.2018 Solo Exhibition Gallery Loop, Seoul, Korea
    12,2017 Yaddo Residency, Saratoga Springs, USA
    11.2017 Mise-en Place residency, Brooklyn, USA
    11.2017 Sejong Motor Screening, Seoul .Korea
    10.2017 Jeju, Korea, Color conference , Kayakum performance, Jeju, Korea
    09-11. 2017 Bemis Residency - Empathy, Art and Ethos , Omaha, Ne, USA
    08. 2017 ZK/U residency , Berlin, Germany

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